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The ACC iCal Project

UPDATE (11/16/12) After much wrangling with Apple's calendar client at work, I gave up on creating the iCals on my Mac and have instead switched over to Google Calendars. They were far easier to update and–here's the good news–far easier (at least for me) to get set up as subscribable calendars.

What's that mean? Well, as the season goes along, I plan to update all the calendars with results and scores. Whenever that happens, your calendar will update accordingly on your end. That way, if it's March and you can't remember if Duke beat Kentucky all the way back in November, a quick look at the calendar will show you the result.

Here's the tricky part: In order for you to subscribe to the calendars on your iPhone, you need to take a few extra steps (the hotlinks bring up screenshots of each step):

  1. Press and hold the link to the calendar you'd like to subscribe to. Select "Copy" from the menu that pops up.
  2. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account…
  3. Select "Other" at the bottom of the list.
  4. Under Calendars, select "Add Subscribed Calendar"
  5. Paste in the URL of the calendar, then select "Next"
  6. In the final screen you can change the name of the calendar if you like or turn off SSL, but that's optional. If everything looks good, select "Save"
  7. Revel in your mastery of the iPhone

If you'd rather not go through all that hassle and are fine with them not auto-updating over the year, simply click the calendars and you're good to go.

So for those who downloaded the iCals before, my advice would be to delete the old ones, then click on each of the links below. They should show up in your calendar list now with some verbiage letting you know you've subscribed to them.

As always, if they don't work or if you see anything that needs changing, please point out any inconsistencies that you find by replying to me on Twitter: @JamesCurle

Here are the NEW, subscribable iCals:

NC State

Boston College     Clemson     Duke

Florida State     Georgia Tech     Maryland

Miami     UNC     Virginia     Virginia Tech

Wake Forest

And like before, if you'd like to view the schedules here, you're more than welcome to:

  • Scott M

    nice work, james. my dad got an iphone recently and he was thrilled to use this!

    • JamesCurle

      Awesome! Glad he likes it.

      - James