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Episode 142 — Julius Hodge

2014 April 29
by admin

The one and only Julius Hodge is our guest this week.

We jump right into the Donald Sterling discussion up front, then transition into more pleasant topics of discussion like TJ Warren, his draft prospects and next year’s NC State basketball team.

  • state fan

    Strange to hear that TJ’s interview skills being thought of as a potential problem for him for the NBA. When I’ve talked to TJ, he spoke as if he were your next door neighbor that was easy to talk to. Why would someone have to talk like he is some kind of eccentrick extrovert to interview well? It’s refreshing to have a humble guy who is also a superstar. I thought that this would be one of the things that would make teams want him more.

  • state fan

    Great to hear about Julius’ outlook for team as well as the “new piece” :).