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R&R Podcast: Episode 14

2011 August 16
by admin

Episode 14 is here, and it's expansive (not to mention one of our best episodes). We talk expansion, expansion, the new basketball court and expansion some more during our segment with Chuck and among the three of us–myself, Derek and Austin–there at Amedeo's. (Steven's rehab of his mysterious lower body injury took a setback this week; you know how these things can be… We hope he can return next Monday.)


P.S. Hope you like old-school Weezer.

  • packattack95

    File not found?

    • Anonymous


      For some reason I can’t seem to find a solution that allows folks to listen on the site that works equally well for all people. Those with iPhones can’t use flash, and this non-Flash plugin I’m using now causes quirky issues from time to time. 

      The Episode seems to load fine in the sidebar, so I encourage you to click over there as I try to figure out a solution that suits all users. Thanks for your patience!

  • packattack95

    Thanks James!  I got it working now!