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R&R Podcast:’s Owen Good

2011 July 11
by admin

If you're a gamer and a fan of sports, you need to know Owen Good.

Owen is the Sports Columnist at, one of the leading sites that covers the video gaming industry. There are few people outside the offices of EA Sports that know EA's line of games better than Owen. His column "Stick Jockey" covers the world of sports video gaming better than any other source.

So on the heels of EA's annual release of their NCAA Football line (this year being the "2012" incarnation), Owen stopped by the podcast to discuss EA's latest, as well as our similar career paths at Technician and his fantastic tribute to Lorenzo Charles that ran at Deadspin shortly after Charles' passing.

It's a lengthy podcast but worth every minute of your time. Give it a listen.

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  • Matt Lail

    Well done. Got me a little teary-eyed.