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The R&R Podcast: Episode 2

2011 May 27
by admin

Ahh yeah…it's been a long week, but your tortuous wait is over: Episode 2 of the Riddick & Reynolds Podcast is here.

This week's episode features Derek Medlin of, Cary News, Twitter and Golf Galaxy fame.

We touch on Russell Wilson (YOU CANNOT ESCAPE HIM), the State vs. Maryland basketball hires, the national media and the impact of social media on today's news. AND our favorite candy!


You can download the entire podcast in mp3 form here.

  • Matt

    I love how Southern you guys are* on this: “Reesies” (instead of “Reeses”); “love me some …”; and a BC Powder reference. Wel done.

    *Not being sarcastic. At all.

    • Anonymous

      It’s funny that I said “BC Powder,” as I’ve always been more of a Goody’s fan, mostly because it’s endorsed by Richard Petty. And The King is so Southern, he manages to slip a “y” into the word “fast.” It comes out sounding like “fayst.”

  • D_Medlin

    Thanks for the invite…I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation. 

    • Anonymous

      As did I. We’ll have this stuff down pat come football season.

  • Chad Michael Hunter

    I’m digging these podcasts.  Keep up the good work.

    • Anonymous

      Chad, I meant to respond sooner but thank you very much for the kind words. I hope you keep listening in the future!