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Video: My Footage From This Year’s Krispy Kreme Challenge

2011 February 7
by admin

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  • Steven

    “Proof I’ve done it at least three times.” Great stuff, James.

    • admin

      Thanks. My kids DO serve a purpose, after all.

  • Jaybird80

    Congratulations on the accomplishment. This was certainly the bright part of my day; especially compared to what happened later on in Durham. I was only able to get down 4 doughnuts and I still felt it a bit on my way back. My hat’s off to any one that can do the dozen. I’m suprised that you did not get the bikini girl on film, but maybe she was not appropriate for the wife and kids. Maybe next year the weather will be better though it did not seeem to dampen anyone’s spirit this time around. Again, job well done!!!

    • admin

      Yeah, I saw Bikini Girl there–as I’m sure most of the guys did–but I was too busy trying to choke down my doughnuts to pick up the camera and get footage.

      Thanks for the kind words!

  • BP

    Nice job James… I espeecially laughed at the “Proof I’ve done it 3 times”…. I was expecting a little vomit, but glad to see none appeared!!

  • Tampa-Pack

    Well done sir. While its quite a trip from Tampa, I think I am going to bring the family back next year to participate. It looks like a great event. Thanks for shooting and sharing your video.

  • Matt

    “The guy with the doughnut on his head seems strangely under-dressed.” Nice.

    LOVE the “Proof” comment.