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More Randomness: NCAA 2011 Screengrab Featuring State, Typo. Not Our Fault This Time!

2010 July 12
by J. Curle


This post over at, a video game-themed blog, features a screenshot from EA Sports’s NCAA Football 2011. Said screenshot highlights the recruiting aspect of the game, in which a prospect decides to choose N.C. State over the University of Tennessee because of State’s superior academic reputation.

Pretty cool, right?

Well, that’s not why the post hit the blog. It’s blog-worthy because the virtual-recruit declares, “Your right, I might be able to get a better education at your school.”


Hey, look at it this way: In a season where multiple¬†occurrences¬†of poor spelling and grammar put State in a poor light (WolpFack, anyone?), at least this time the error doesn’t lie with one of State’s employees. That one’s ALL EA right there.

(If you’re a regular reader of Kotaku, you may recognize the post’s author, Owen Good. He’s a State grad, a Technician alum and has been known to let his State flag fly on Kotaku before.)

HT to GobblerCountry for the heads up.

  • Matt

    Anytime you can have an Owen S. Good reference, you’re doing something right.