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I Don’t Know Jack…But I Know I Love This

2014 October 30
by admin

The fourth edition of “You Don’t Know Jack”–a Between-Two-Ferns-ish interview parody series starring corner Jack Tocho–posted last night. This week’s guest is linebacker Airius Moore.

I love all of these so much. Jack has such a great sense of humor and plays the role of (Wolfpack alum) Zach Galifinakis so well. If you haven’t seen the others in the series, do yourself a favor. They’re each only about 5 minutes long, so they’re easily digestible YouTube fare.

Episode 165 — John Cassillo of Nunes Magician

2014 October 30
by admin

John Cassillo of Syracuse blog “Nunes Magician” joins me to discuss State’s upcoming game with the Orange and a little ACC basketball, along with the wonderful trolling qualities of Jim Boeheim.


Episode 164 — Hayes Permar, Lauren, Austin

2014 October 23
by admin

Hayes Permar stops by to sit in with Austin and I as we break down the Louisville game.

Lauren joins us in the second segment and we playfully get into the Wainstein report and then look at the rest of the ACC football landscape.


Episode 163 — Mark Ennis, Jake, Lauren, Austin

2014 October 16
by admin

Well, it’s been rough sledding lately. Boston College was a gross game, and we dive into the heart of the grossness.

In segment two, Mark Ennis of ESPN 680 in Louisville joins us to preview Saturday’s game.


Coach Doeren…Shuddup. Please.

2014 October 15
by admin

As someone with a propensity of not knowing when to shut up until it’s too late, I feel qualified to offer this advice to coach Dave Doeren:¬†Shut up. Please.

Doeren’s post game press conferences in recent weeks have held as much, if not more, entertainment value than the football team’s performance itself. “Entertainment,” of course, if you get off on watching a guy stick his foot in his mouth repeatedly.

The latest batch of postgame presser stumbles came after the BC loss. It started off promising enough:

“We’re going to do it the right way,” Doeren said. “We are. We’re not going to cut corners. I’m going to keep my head up. I’m going to keep working my butt off. I’m going to stay positive with our football team. We have a lot of games in front of us. It’s frustrating to lose three in a row. I know I haven’t won an ACC game. I hear it way more than anybody, trust me. I want to get the monkey off my back. It takes time.”

Ok, I feel you. Oh, there’s more?

“It’s a challenge, every day, building this program,” Doeren said. “It’s going to take time. We all want microwaved results, me included. I know our fans do. I get it. Two years in a row I haven’t had an ACC player on the preseason list. Two years. It’s going to take me time.”

Uh oh. Ok. Bail out Dave. That red button? It’s the eject button. Hit it. Hit it. Just reach out and press it. Oh Jesus, you’re still talking…

“At Kansas, we had a bunch of freshmen playing on defense and four years later that defense was No. 1 in the nation. It takes time to build it. I just didn’t inherit a cabinet stocked with redshirt seniors. I didn’t get that.