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Episode 169 — Jake, Lauren, Austin

2014 November 25
by admin

We’re all loosey goosey heading into the big rivalry showdown with UNC this weekend. No tight podcasters this evening.

Jake shares some moments from his unblemished record against the Heels.

In the second segment we talk some basketball and I suddenly realize just how damned difficult State’s schedule is shaping up to be over the coming months.


Episode 168 — Jake Vermiglio, Derek Medlin

2014 November 18
by admin

Derek Medlin returns to the show to share the story of Bryan Underwood inviting his brother to share in Bryan’s Senior Day.

Then we break down the Wake Forest win, talk bye week stuff and just goof off in general.


Episode 167 — Jake Vermiglio, Austin

2014 November 11
by admin

We’re talking football and basketball this episode. First, we trudge through the pain of the Georgia Tech loss and look ahead to the very crucial game against Wake Forest this weekend.

In segment two, we discuss the exhibition win against Queens, Trevor Lacey and the anticipated roster evolution over the next months.

(Closing song, selected by Army veteran @Civilian_Wolf: “No Roads Here,” Corb Lund)


Episode 166 — Dereck Whittenburg, Lauren, Austin

2014 November 4
by admin

Dereck Whittenburg returns with his Emmy to talk about the film, plus the team’s trip to NYC and the makeup of this year’s roster.

But before that, we talk about State’s big win against Syracuse and what that can mean for this team moving forward.


I Don’t Know Jack…But I Know I Love This

2014 October 30
by admin

The fourth edition of “You Don’t Know Jack”–a Between-Two-Ferns-ish interview parody series starring corner Jack Tocho–posted last night. This week’s guest is linebacker Airius Moore.

I love all of these so much. Jack has such a great sense of humor and plays the role of (Wolfpack alum) Zach Galifinakis so well. If you haven’t seen the others in the series, do yourself a favor. They’re each only about 5 minutes long, so they’re easily digestible YouTube fare.